Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram is more than just a social media platform, and is becoming an important tool for business marketing.

Here are a few ways you can use branded links to share and track content on these social platforms:

  • Start with a good "About" section:

    If you want to build your audience, the "About" section is one of the first places to start. Use your branded short links to share all your channels e.g. YourName.link/Blog, YourName.link/Website, 
    YourName.link/Podcast, YourName.link/Book-Launch. This gives people all the additional information they need to find out more about you, and you'll be able to track how many clicks you're getting on your links and see what is resonating with people in this channel.

  • Sharing Content:

    No matter what you're sharing, a new blog post, an article you've had published, a recent book launch, use branded short links. Being able to track link engagement is essential, and you can identify what content your audience is the most interested in, and share more of what they're loving.

  • Sharing in Groups:

    Groups are becoming a great place to engage with niche communities. Use a branded short link to share relevant content here, and track the link clicks. You could go granular and set up UTM parameters not just for your Facebook groups, but for each and every social group. That way you could actually see which specific groups get more traction, and start engaging more in them.

  • Sharing in Messenger:

    Setting up branded short links for all your channels beforehand is a useful way to stay organised. When you connect with someone on messenger and want to share your company website, your blog, your LinkedIn profile, anything really, you can share your already made short link. No matter what you are sharing, branded links are pronounceable, memorable and trackable, and beyond that, they look cool and professional.

There's a lot of different content being shared on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, for personal use, and for businesses. Next time you're sharing on these platforms, use branded short links and take advantage of all the benefits that come with it. Make the most of all your efforts, increase engagement, track all your links clicks, and work out where your audience is engaging the most.